“I wanted to thank you so very much for everything you have done for my daughter throughout the years. -KP 6/4/2020”

“We are so happy how far along our daughter has come with her speech. More and more people can understand her, and we can have conversations with her.” -AK 3/23/2020

“Thanks for all you do to improve [my son’s] communication. I think he has made great strides.” -LA 12/20/2018

“Thanks so much. People are starting to notice her speech getting better.” -JS 11/16/2018

“Thanks, Sharon! I’m so glad that we brought him to you.” –SB 11/16/2018

“Your expertise and assistance is greatly appreciated. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude.” –GF 10/2018

“We really appreciate your efforts and the work you are doing with [our son].” -GS 1/12/2018

“Thank you for everything you have done, we were happy and appreciate it.” –MP 1/4/2018

“You are very wonderful therapist. Thanks for your support and therapy, which has helped [my son] a lot. Thanks.” -AS 1/3/2018

“Thank you so much for your help and for the information. [My son] was very nervous about coming on Wednesday. When we left, he was actually sad that he was not going to come back. He had a lot of fun. He talked about the morning so much that my 5 year old asked if he was going to get a chance to go. Thank you for making the time so light and fun!” -CM 8/17/17

“It was so nice to meet with you. I really enjoyed the visit, and felt hopeful based on your evaluation.” - ST 3/21/17

“[Our daughter] is progressing and we are pleased with her progress. Thank you for all you've taught us.” - CD 2/22/17