Does my child need speech therapy?

If you suspect your child has a communication delay or disorder, trust your instincts, and contact a licensed speech language pathologist. I will be happy to discuss your concerns over the phone, email or in person, and determine whether a screening or evaluation is warranted. If your child has an existing IEP, or testing from another speech-language pathologist (example: school, medical setting, private practice), I can use their documentation and scores to begin treatment right away, without doing my own screening/testing.

My child has a few sound errors. Should I be worried?

Generally speaking, different sounds are expected to be mastered at different ages. So it depends on the specific sounds that are in error, and the age of your child. An SLP would do a screening and look for a few additional indicators. Once a child has reached the age of three, I usually ask if he or she can be understood by unfamiliar adult listeners (example: a cashier? An unfamiliar relative? Strangers?) If these adults routinely look to you to translate what your child has said, then it might be an appropriate time to contact an SLP. The first visit is free.

Do you provide services to adults?

I am happy to treat adults. I have experience working with adults with aphasia, apraxia, right hemisphere deficits, and accent reduction. Please contact me if you have questions about a specific need. The first visit is free.

Do you accept insurance?

At the present time, we do not participate with insurance companies. We have set our fees at a competitive level that may equal the deductible of some insurance policies. If you would like to attempt to be reimbursed by your insurance company for our services, we will assist you by providing invoices and other documentation, however, all services rendered by Positively Speaking, PLLC will be billed directly to the client, or the guardian thereof, and any subsequent reimbursement is between you and your insurer.

Can I use a Health Savings Account Plan to pay for speech therapy services?

Yes, in many cases, speech therapy services are considered an eligible service. I can provide any documentation and invoices necessary.

Do we need a comprehensive evaluation to begin?

A comprehensive evaluation is not required to determine whether treatment is indicated. It might be requested by a family hoping to be reimbursed by an insurance company, or a family who is contesting a diagnosis given by a school system, seeking formal documentation. If you do not require standardized test scores, or a comprehensive written report, then you do not need to schedule a comprehensive exam. Please contact us if you have specific questions.

My child is in school (preschool) during the day, do you have evening appointments?

I have a limited number of afternoon and evening appointments available. But if your evenings are already filled with running children to after-school activities, consider speaking to your school, pre-school and/or employer about the possibility of coming in a little late one day a week, and schedule an early morning appointment. Local pre-school/daycare visits can be arranged (for an additional fee) if the school will permit it. You can let them know I am licensed, insured, and a certified teacher. Appointments are about 30 minutes long, and can take place almost anywhere, even in a quiet hallway.

Do parents need to stay during appointments?

Generally speaking, it is most beneficial for parents to stay during the session to observe, take part, and ask questions. Participation in the session allows for better continuity and carry-over at home. Half-hour sessions usually end five minutes early so that we can discuss the session and give home-work. If a parent needs to step out to run an errand, or remove a younger sibling who is not able to stay, he or she should make sure to return five minutes before the end of the session.