List of Services

First meeting/mini screen - FREE. Come on in, and let's talk.
Speech-Language Screening

Includes 50-60 minute session, informal assessment/interview, written treatment plan. You do not need a screening if Comprehensive Evaluation is done, if you have prior testing from any source, or if you and I agree that testing is not necessary to begin services.
Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation

Includes 60-90 minutes of testing, comprehensive written report, parent/client consultation, and written treatment plan. If testing cannot be completed in 90 minutes hourly fee will be charged for additional time spent testing. Comprehensive evaluation is not required in order to initiate services.
Individual Speech-Language Therapy Session - (30 minutes)
Individual Speech-Language Therapy Session - (55 minutes)

Therapy sessions will generally end five minutes early, so that the clinician can confer with the parent, write treatment notes, and give home program.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is requested for sessions. Clinician will work to reschedule at a mutually agreed upon time within the same month. Exceptions may be made for shorter notice cancellations in the event of illness and other emergencies. The clinician will work with the family to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time. It is imperative that you call before the appointment to cancel. After two “No call - No show” appointments, the therapy relationship will be terminated, unless a fee of $20 is paid before the next session. Because of the nature of group therapy sessions, refunds will not be given, and make-up sessions are not be possible, unless arranged with the group prior to the date of absence.